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Ball Joint

1.) Rod / Ball

RodCore of the ball joint, formed by a sphere and a rod manufactured in an alloyed steel with a high resistance.

2.) Nut

NutWe use quality materials that meet the standards of the automotive industry. The purpose of the nut is to keep the ball joints fixed on the sleeve at their respective mounting points.

3.) Retaining ring

Retaining ringMetal closure positioned at either end of the dust shield.

4.) Dust cover

Dust coverPrevents the entry of external agents that could corrode the sphere surface, such as water and dust.

Made of neoprene or polyurethane for maximum effectiveness.

5.) Casing

CasingBody of the ball joint. There are as many types of casing as there are vehicles on the market.

6.) Socket

SocketManufactured in plastic, it prevents friction between the stud and the housing. It comes lubricated for life with specific lubricant.

As it is lead and sodium nitrite free, it does not harm the environment.

7.) Cap

CapProvides an airtight seal at the base of the ball joint.




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